Why don't we talk about technology?


This is Tech Blogger Philippines

Welcome to my newest blog under the blogger.ph group of sites. I’ve been wanting to write a tech blog that doesn’t pretend to know everything, yet educates its readers with worthwhile information. The problem with most local tech blogs, they tend to write about anything they come across on the web. Of course this approach can be helpful to some, but if every other site is doing it the same way, in no time everyone’s going to sound just like the other blog. And then you end up failing to achieve your goals.

Blogging and site–building in general should always be goal–driven — every site you publish must have a purpose it intends to achieve. It doesn’t matter if it’s purely personal or something great, but there must be that *something* to what you’re doing.

Now allow me to publish a Filipino tech blog that’s relevant to Filipino readers.